Hodei means Cloud in Basque, and it represents us both in its poetic and physical dimensions; we are a mass composed of many projects suspended in the studio. All of them enrich and nourish each other, engendering life with their changes of state.


We are a dynamic, fluid, interdisciplinary and free studio. Nothing limits us as long as it's associated to our nature.


It is the engine of each project and of our approach to life, it is the ability to play with what surrounds us and inspires us.


It brings us closer to the pure and authentic, to the raw; It allows us to get rid of the superfluous and to pursue substance and beauty.


It allows us to be honest and humble, it gives us naivety, spontaneity, the ability to adapt and learn.

We are AraĆ­ and Mikel, since we met we discovered that we both profess a deep and genuine interest in the transcendent from the simplest and most basic. Thus, we realized that the beauty that surrounds us is a link with everything we like, and that nature in its vastness, is the clearest expression of the unity of our passions. This has led us to explore each of our intuitions from the prism of the crude, the original and the simple, to impregnate all our projects and exercises with that overwhelming beauty and honesty that nature gives so generously.



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